In addition to Ibrahimovic

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In addition to Ibrahimovic

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In addition to Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Rojo and Fellaini have also been injured before, but when talking about the three players <a href="">Matt Cullen Jersey</a>, Mourinho is more optimistic, he said: "The current Manchester United There are a number of wounded in the squad who are about to come back soon, although they still need hard training and serious work, but the situation of these people is very good, Pogba, Rojo, Fellaini, Ibrahimovic are .I believe , These guys are still going to make a huge contribution to the team this season, especially during the Christmas - New Year's Devil's schedule. "In fact, Fellaini has made his debut against Chelsea in the Premier League last round. Appearance

Manchester City last season, 2-4 defeat away to Leicester City, and after the end of this international competition cycle, the Blue Moon will immediately go to the imperial court to challenge the Blue Fox. In last match, Leicester made a 3-0 lead in 20 minutes <a href="">Ryan Ellis Jersey</a>, Valdi finished his hat-trick in the second half and Manchester City was played by Kolarov and Noelito at the end 10 minutes into the two goals.

Although there is no direct link between team performance and distance traveled in this list, there are certain problems with the enthusiasm of the Manchester United players. Rapid counterattack is the main means of scoring Manchester United this season <a href="">Predators Jerseys</a>, but in positional warfare, the players are slightly rigid <a href="">Shop By Player Jersey</a>, more is the "stop" after the fall, and the lack of lethal ballistic running and involved , And this is the city rivals Manchester City are good at.

Lionel Messi scored 12 goals in La Liga Mike Ribeiro Jersey
In the five major European leagues
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