The Pomeranian of The Hinodes 1+2 English Edition

The Pomeranian of The Hinodes 1+2 English Edition

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最終更新日 2015年01月10日
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This comic is the English Version versions of what was published in Japan.
This is Japanese comic that a cute Pomeranian is the comics of the chief character, this comic are slapstick comic.You are able to enjoy even if a dog is not a favorite person especially.
The characters of this comic are the dog favorite of the figure of anime, the elder brother of the nerd who likes costume play, an ill-behaved younger sister, a positive but severe mother, and too silent an artist.
Probably, This contents which especially the person that likes a subculture of Japan can enjoy.
This comic is Vol.1+vol.2.
Englishment of Vol.3 is almost published.

This time, it is a revised edition.
Correction parts are correction of a mistranslation, and improvement in image quality.

The total number of pages is 492 pages.